10 things you must have experienced in Salzburg

1st Fortress Hohensalzburg

In the middle of the beautiful old town of Salzburg, the Hohensalzburg Fortress towers above the city. The unique landmark of Salzburg has a 1000 year history and offers from the tower probably the best panoramic view of the popular Mozart city. Many exhibitions tell interesting stories about the war, tradition and architecture of that time. In principle, you can move freely around the fortress, but we recommend audio guides and a visit to the magnificent princely rooms. You can either take a leisurely ride on the fortress train into the interior of the landmark of Salzburg or take a short steep ascent on foot.

2nd Augustiner Braeu

Right next to our headquarters in Augustinergasse is the Augustiner Braeustueberl. Since 1621 a very palatable beer is brewed here - at that time by monks. No matter whether in the beautiful garden or in the traditional halls - you simply fetch a beer mug at the entrance, wash it and have a delicious beer served. But the best thing is that you can take your own food with you or buy it from the many small serenades.

3rd Bosna

If you live in Salzburg, you absolutely must eat a traditional Bosna. This Salzburg "Hot Dog" consists of two pork sausages, onion, oregano, mustard and is served in a bread. In a small side street of the Getreidegasse you can probably find the best Bosna in town - the Balkan Grill! Attention danger of addiction.

4th Mirabelle Garden

Not far from the Salzach River, in the beautiful Mirabell Garden you will find unicorns, dwarves, lions, gods and a splendour of flowers and fountains. With the best view to the fortress and the play of colours of the unique flowerbeds, you can really let your soul dangle and relax at the end of the day.

5th The Sound of Music Tour

Probably the most famous movie in the world, which none of the Salzburgers knows. Nations around the globe make the pilgrimage to beautiful Salzburg to see the filming locations and film sets of this world-famous strip. During the trip, the popular hits of The Sound of Music are sung up and down together with the tour guides. Every guest from all over the world knows the lyrics and it's fun to make this short trip to the Salzkammergut.

6th Mountains

In Salzburg the mountaineer's heart also beats faster! Whether you are a very young beginner or an experienced climber - there is a mountain for everyone. This ranges from the simple Nockstein with a dream view over Salzburg to the Schober for the experienced, where you have a magnificent panorama over the beautiful Salzkammergut and its unique lakes.

7th Lakes

With over 200 lakes in Salzburg, there is sure to be a favourite place for everyone. Whether in summer for swimming, a small boat trip or in winter for ice-skating. True to the motto "You don´t need a Sea" you can relax and unwind after work.

8th Red Bull Hangar 7

Technician dreams come true in the legendary Hangar 7. In this architectural, masterpiece of architecture you can admire numerous airplanes, helicopters and Formula 1 racing cars. At the same time, one can enjoy culinary delicacies in the numerous restaurants and bars with a dreamlike scenery.

9th Mönchsberg

The idyllic Mönchsberg rises directly from our Augustinergasse location, where you can quickly escape the hectic pace of everyday work and relax. Here you can stroll through a small forest to the M32 museum, directly to the fortress or into the old town with a unique view over Salzburg.

10th Schranne

Every Thursday, the parking lot in front of the Andrae church in the beautiful Andrae quarter is transformed into a colourful hustle and bustle of the market as you normally only know from the fish market in Hamburg or the La Bequeria Mercat in Barceloa. Fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, fried chicken or a glass of wine - almost all local products are available on the Schranne, which apparently knows no culinary boundaries.